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Dalloun specialises in making beautiful tea bowls using terra sigillata.

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“For several years my work has been directed towards exploring a 2500 year old forgotten technique : Terra sigillata. The making of slips with the finest clay particles allows the creation of satiny, shiny surfaces which are soft and waterproof. Numerous possibilities when firing and the endless variety of clays found in nature, give a wealth of colours and tones due to the presence of iron oxide in the clay.”
Dalloun almost only makes tea bowls.

Group Exhibtiions:

2015  “Teapots and Bowls” Parvis des métiers Bourges, France
          “Atelier Céramique Terres d'Andaine” Genêts, France
          “Chawan expo” St Bernardus Abdij Hemisksem, Belgium
          “Chawan expo Special Master“ Church Galerie Vichte, Belgium
          “Chawan expo” Middle Tennessee University Tennessee, USA
2014  “Around the Tea Bowl” Galerie 28  Lyon, France
          “White Card” CCCLB  La Borne, France
          “Chawan Expo”  Singapore
          “International Ceramic Biennale” - St Cergue , Switzerland
          “A voir du bol” Galerie Médiart, Paris, France
2013  ”Chawan expo” Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012  “Chawan expo” Galerie Yûsai Nara, Japan
          “1001 bowls” Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
          “Peau de Terre” Petite Galerie Château de Roussillon, France
2011   “1001 bowls” Musée de la Piscine Roubaix, France
           “1001 bowls” Musée Ariana Genève, Switzerland
           “1001 bowls” Musée des Beaux-Arts La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
           “Raku et Terre sigillée “ Galerie Le Don du Fel Le Fel, France
            “La Borne” Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen, Netherlands
           “Chawan expo” Keramisch Atelier-Galerie Utrecht, Netherlands
           “Chawan expo” Art Pavillon Opatija, Croatia
           “Chawan expo” Goese Mill Gallery Needham, USA
           “Chawan expo” European Exhibition Galerie H20 Kyoto — JAPON
           “Pierre Bayle 1945-2004 – Terres Sigillees” Giroussens, France
           “Light” Galerie Terra Viva St Quentin la Poterie, France
2010   “Chawan expo” Centre Culturel Andenne, Belgium
           “Chawan expo” Musée du Grès, St Amand- Puissaye, France
           “Chawan expo” Salon de H Séoul, South Korea
           “Borglum Babes” Hirtshals, Denmark
           “1001 bowls” Guangdong Museum of Art Guangzhou, China
           “1001 bowls” World Céramique Exposition Foundation Icheon, South Korea
           “1001 bowls” Espace Hans Edberg Biot, France
           “Terres Sigillées” Centre A. France Clermont-Ferrand, France
           “Naori Art Festival” Teaan, South Korea
2009   “1001 bowls” National Craft Museum New Delhi, India
           “Terre Sigillée” Liège, Belgium
           “Terres magiques du Berry” Viaduc des Arts, Paris, France
2008   “Chawan expo” Mechelen, Belgium
           “Terres d’empreintes” Artceram Sèvres, France
2007   “Terre de Contraste(s)” Liège, Belgium
2006   “Bols et Théière” Galerie Le Lavoir Clamart, France
2005   “Rencontres de Bandol” découvre la technique de la Terre Sigillée with Tjok Dessauvage
2004   “The Art if the Bowl” Galerie Terra Viva St Quentin la Poterie, France

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