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Robert trained at the Central School of Art under Dora Billington (1945-1946) where he became a technical and teaching assistant. He established the Ducketts Wood Pottery in Hertfordshire in 1947 and made slipware, tin-glaze and mosaics. Robert set up the pottery department at Goldsmiths College.

Working together with his wife Sheila Fournier they produced repetition tableware in stoneware, at London, Kent and eventually Lacock in Wiltshire.

It was in Lacock that Robert produced what became known as his signature pieces. His ‘pebble pots’, moulded or hand built dish shapes or tall flattened bottles which were based on natural forms such as stones, rocks etc. They were decorated with areas of unglazed clay, poured, textured white glaze and dotted with small patches of rich, saturated colour. The pots were shown successfully at galleries in Britain, as well as in Germany and France.

They set up the archive of the Craft Potters Association, which formed the basis of the Ceramic Archive at Aberystwyth. They also made a number of films with John Anderson, including: Creatures In Clay, David Leach and Raku, English Style. They have issued slides on pottery, both modern and ancient. 

Robert was a founder and Fellow of the Craftsmen Potters Association now known as the Craft Potters Association and also wrote extensively on ceramics producing many books on the subject.

Born: 1915-2008

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Liverpool National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside, Liverpool,
The Otter Gallery, University of Chichester, Chichester,
York Museum, York,
Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh,
Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow,
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales


View the work of Robert Fournier