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Born 1967 in Yorkshire, Sam has been making pots since 1995.

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Sam lives and works in Cornwall.
He studied ceramics at Harrogate and Loughborough Colleges. Sam manages to extract a deeply involved and descriptive quality to his ceramics.
His cylindrical vessels are made using traditional throwing techniques. He then cautiously manipulates the clay creating flattened cylindrical forms which he embellishes as a painter would a canvas. The surface is built up using slips, oxides and glazes, often applied and fired many times. The use of scored lines, random marks and a sombre palette help to create a tension where drawing and form cohabit.


2000   ’Ceramic 2000’, Walker Gallery, London
2001   Olympia Fine art, MILNE AND MOLLER, London.
2002   Bettles Gallery, Hampshire
2003   Dundee Showcase, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2004   London Art Fair, Lemon Street Gallery
           P & O Ferries, Elston Hayes Associates
2005   London Art Fair, Lemon Street Gallery
           CILL Railiag Project, South West Ireland
2006   Lemon Street Gallery,Truro
           Gallery The Yard, Netherlands.
           Frank Steyaert Gallery, Gent, Belgium
2007   Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
           Lund Gallery, North Yorkshire
2008   Danish Connection, Jutland, Denmark
2009   Lemon Street Gallery, Truro
2010   Leach Pottery “Black” Exhibition, Cornwall
           Spiral Gallery @ Hellifieldf House, North Yorkshire
2011   Kate Chertavian Fine Arts, Boston, USA
           “(Its) Whats on the Outside that Matters” Newport Museum & Art Gallery, Wales
2012   “St. Ives Potters, Craft in the Bay,Wales
           Rob Fogal Gallery, Lincolnshire
2013   Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge
           Taos Clayworks, New Mexico, USA
2015   Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge
           Christmas Open House- MIAR Ceramics & Arts


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View the work of Sam Hall