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Our Christmas exhibition was well received many thanks to all our artists and craftspeople and everyone that came to support us. Work by more than 17 ceramicists as well as artists that worked in other mediums was exhibited.

Artists that exhibited inluded:

Robert Cooper - ceramics
Mike Dodd - ceramics
Jack Doherty - ceramics
Carolyn Genders - ceramics
Barbara Gittings - ceramics
Ian Gregory - sculpture
Sam Hall - ceramics
Peter Hayes - sculpture
MariAnne Karpas - painting
Walter Keeler - ceramics
John Maltby - sculpture
Ann Gunn Moe Levete - jewellery
Tim Patrick - painting
Tim Plunkett - wood-turning
Michael Rees - Painting
Yuta Segawa - ceramics
Alex Shimwell - ceramics
Matt J Smith - ceramics
Tanya Tier - lighting sculpture
Amanda Wallwork - painting
Robin Welch - ceramics & painting
Peter Wills - ceramics
Philip Wood - ceramics

Below: Extruded Earthenware Jugs by Walter Keeler:

Below: Head by Peter Hayes

Below: Sculpture by John Maltby