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MIAR Arts welcomes Jonathan Middlemiss to the gallery.  After 10 years of not making ceramics Jonathan returned to the wheel in 2011 with new questions and approaches.

In Jonathan's own words: " Between the moment of seeing something and the sense we then make of it lies a place of questioning. For me it is the most alive place in our consciousness, bringing the unconscious to life through processes of emotional recognition and rationalizing our references. My work takes the energy of polarities, formal contradictions, impacts and merging as the beginning of a journey to this place.

Inspiration comes from many sources - geometry in the western Mystical Tradition, Vajrayana Buddhism, the uplifting quality of wild and remote landscapes, ancient traditions that revere the land and the Earth's wisdom, among others."


Below: 'Turning 9' 

Below: 'Turning 10'

Below: 'Underform'

Below: 'Points 2'

Jonathan's ceramic work is in public collections and museums worldwide and he has received recognition through International awards. His work has been featured in magazines, catalogues, dictionaries and other books.