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Work to be listed includes a range of tableware by Jeff Oestreich pictured below as well as the two textured stoneware yunomi by Mike Dodd above.

Jeff has provided four porcelain yunomi (three pictured above) made from 'Southern Ice Porcelain', a very expensive and highly translucent porcelain from Australia. The yunomi have a 'Ying Ch'ing' or a warm 'shadow blue' or slightly green celadon glaze with a nice translucency.  The red tinges came from a carefully positioned neighbouring pot in the kiln, that had a copper-bearing glaze.  As the copper vaporized this particular celadon captures it.       

Yin Ch'ing porcelain believed to be originally created in the late tenth century in China, is made from a fine white paste covered with a thin, lustrous glaze that ranged in color between light blue and white