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A new large body of earthenware work by Walter Keeler is now available in the gallery.

Walter one of the UK's leading ceramicists with an international reputation, has provided a group of extruded jugs and storage jars as welll as mugs and branched dishes. His new miniature jugs have applied thorns to the body made by creating a cast to get the shape of the thorn correct rather than pinching each thorn out with his fingers as he does with the larger handled jugs.

Walter Keeler-Earthenware-Pottery

The tall extruded earthenware storage jars in the image above and below are a progression from a series of salt glazed vases of similar form.

Walter Keeler | Extruded | Earthenware | Jars

Walter Keeler | Earthenware | Mugas | Nov 2020

Dan Kelly another leading UK ceramicist, has provided some great new work including three bronzed pieces which all sold almost immediately. Dan applied the bronze to the pots that had his traditional black glaze as he felt the forms were strong and wanted to explore a new way to decorate them.

Dan Kelly | Ceramic Vessels with bronze glaze | Nov 2020

Above & Below: Sculptural vessels by Dan Kelly 

Dan Kelly | Ceramic | Stoneware | Sculptural | Vessel | miararts

We will be collecting more saltglazed & earthenware work from Walter and the bronze glazed work by Dan in the near future.

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