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Some wonderful new work by Elspeth Owen and John Maltby will shortly be available from the gallery. Why not sign up to our Newsletter to be the first to know when they are listed!

Elspeth makes her pots by pinching them out from a ball of clay. The forms are often not symetrical but have a quiet presence that calls out for them to be handled. Some of the pots are burnished to a smooth finish, others are rougher and some have even had walnut sap rubbed into them.  The pots are fired at a low temperature.

Elspeth is not a prolific maker. Her work is made in an almost meditative fashion, as she sits on her chair, with a view of the countryside, producung just wonderful pots.






John Maltby needs no introduction and he is sorely missed having passed away end of 2020. His sculpture, sometimes humourous and striking, is always instantly recognizable. When visited, his home was full of not just his own work but the work of others that he admired. In the kitchen you could find pots by Richard Batterham who John was friends with and over the living room fireplace, a wonderful large painting by Breon O'Casey. 

He had strong opinions about art and culture and did not suffer fools. We would visit at least twice a year and after sufficent time spent chatting, John would take us into his showroom, where we would then discuss any new sculptural forms and he would point out any pieces that he was especially pleased with and explain why.