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Following are images of Walter's work due to be available from the online gallery.

Below thorny branched whieldonware dishes:

Walter Keeler ceramics

Walter Keeler ceramics 2

Below 'Whieldon Dish with a Thousand Branches':

Walter Keeler ceramics 3

Teapot and mugs to match:

Walter Keeler ceramic teapot and mugs

A range of mugs including grey inkwash, whieldon ware earthenware and salt glazed mugs will also be listed.

Images follow of some of the saltglazed works to be listed:

Walter Keeler ceramic jars

Walter Keeler ceramic saltglazed mugs

Walter Keeler pair ceramic leaning jars

More work by Charles Bound, Robert Cooper and Dan Kelly due to be listed shortly.

We are also pleased to announce that we will soon be representing Peter Hayes in the gallery.

New work is constantly being added to the gallery but please contact us if there is an artist currently not represented on the site that you are interested in, as we do hold work by other artists not yet listed.