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Peter Wills has been potting since 1989.

Amongst his influences Peter cites Derek Davis, Sue Nichols, Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Michael Cardew and Sung and Tang dynasty Chinese pots as well as Bernard Leach's 'A Potters Book' and Bernards ethos behind it.

Peter's pottery is in Wales where he predominantly makes bowls. The form and decoration are precisely planned and sketched out before the pot is made. The point where the glaze or glazes will end and where he will carve into the bowl are carefully considered.

Some of the work will be once fired, the glaze being applied to the raw leather hard clay whilst other pots will be biscuit fired first. Pots are fired in an electric kiln to 1280 C. 

Working almost exclusively in porcelain, Peter's recent work includes grog added into the porcelain to add a further dimension.

Below porcelain bowls by Peter:

Peter Wills three ceramic bowls

Peter Wills ceramic bowls